Rob Elford

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Photographers: Roxane Grant, Danny Baldwin, Jayden Tang & Josh Jones

Make Up: Lana Chikhireva, Erin Kristensen, Di Green

Models:  Kamila Nowak, Chris Machari, Kevin Mcaulay & Sinclair Bransby Williams




Take a look at Rob Elford's recent couture and art projects as well as his design archive.

Rob Elford's work has been been exhibited to acclaim in galleries, catwalks and museums globally. His work has been featured in books, publications and worn by supermodels.


Rob Elford is also a recipient of the Preziosa Young prize, awarded by the Italian Academy of Jewellery. 




Take a deep dive into unique projects and the digital manufacturing techniques that are used to create Rob Elford's work.


Discover more about 3D printing. Watch 3D printers in action and learn about art and fashion that incorporates 3D printing in its creation 

Explore how waste reduction and reducing carbon emissions can be an integral part of the digital design and making process.


Rob Elford is a prize-winning designer, based in East London, who combines the disciplines of fine art, sculpture and jewellery design.


Rob works with a range of printed materials including ceramics, polymers and resin, bringing together digitally printed synthetics with natural hand crafted finishes, including the use of precious materials, such as silver, wood and strung pearls. His work combines naturally sourced components and digitally manufactured parts.