Symbolising the wounds of stigmata or a disembodied horror movie victim. These paradoxical earrings are best worn to disarm. 



Blood red 3D printed resin is mounted on digitally cut gold velvet fused onto a lasercut plywood base.



  • Earring base messures: 

    Resin Hands messure: 19mm x 59mm

  • To clean, cearfully brush the jewellery with a soft toothbrush.

    Keep water, perfume and other sprays and lotions away from your jewellery, as moisture can discolour metal parts. 

    Do not store in direct sunlight, to avoid discolouration or warping.

    As good as these look, please do not chew or taste the jewellery, this product is not food safe.

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Photographers: Roxane Grant, Danny Baldwin, Jayden Tang & Josh Jones

Make Up: Lana Chikhireva, Erin Kristensen, Di Green

Models:  Kamila Nowak, Chris Machari, Kevin Mcaulay & Sinclair Bransby Williams