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Manufacturing in the post-digital age has downsized the machinery and up-scaled the creative possibilities. Working with a combination of 3D digital sculpting, 3D printing, laser cutting, digital plotting and cutting, Rob Elford has created a brand new in house design and making paradigm, resulting in unique jewellery and art that can be made to order with less than 1% material waste.

The film below, made by Bell House for their Exploring 3D Printing Exhibition, demonstrates and explains how 3D printing works. The film shows 3D printers in action and showcases some of Rob Elford's contemporary art and fashion displayed in the exhibition. The film also includes a short interview with Rob Elford:

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Photographers: Roxane Grant, Danny Baldwin, Jayden Tang & Josh Jones

Make Up: Lana Chikhireva, Erin Kristensen, Di Green

Models:  Kamila Nowak, Chris Machari, Kevin Mcaulay & Sinclair Bransby Williams