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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Collaborating with Ravensbourne's MA and BA design students. Rob Elford co-created a 3D printable fabric, that can be printed simply, quickly and without the need for additional support material. The final printed fabric was incorporated into a special one of a kind dress designed and made by Nange Magro, Head Designer at Dead Lotus Couture.

The dress was displayed at the Carrousel du Louvre as part of the 3D Print Show Paris and at the Exploring 3D Printing Exhibition in London.

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Photographers: Roxane Grant, Danny Baldwin, Jayden Tang & Josh Jones

Make Up: Lana Chikhireva, Erin Kristensen, Di Green

Models:  Kamila Nowak, Chris Machari, Kevin Mcaulay & Sinclair Bransby Williams