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Updated: Jun 23, 2020

Rob Elford's Knot Knits are an innovative and highly flexible modular construction system for creating "knitted" 3D printed garments.

Knot Knits are made up of 6 individual, interlocking parts which can be easily printed on desktop 3D Printers. The parts clip together to create a vast range of 3D patterns and garments. Knot Knits can be used to quickly prototype and model new fashion items like belts, body jewellery and dresses. All of the basic parts are available to print for free from your own desktop 3D Printer or local Fab Lab, which means there is no physical shipping of items and reduces the carbon emissions for transport to 0%.

The Modular Link is the main clip for attaching the other Knot Knit parts together. You can also attach multiple Modular Links together to form chains.

Download Rob Elford's Knot Knits for free here.

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Photographers: Roxane Grant, Danny Baldwin, Jayden Tang & Josh Jones

Make Up: Lana Chikhireva, Erin Kristensen, Di Green

Models:  Kamila Nowak, Chris Machari, Kevin Mcaulay & Sinclair Bransby Williams